Alexander Ortlieb Mahl_Gut! Spice Mills

Mahl_Gut! Spice Mills

Pepper, salt and spice mills with names – slender Henry, beautiful Henriette and little Hanna. A funny family that is really very special! The function of the mills is based on that one of a mortar, the relationship to the grinding gear is immediate. For all those wanting to feel the grinding material during seasoning! Handmade and smoothly ground, the upper part of particularly beautiful grained wood, the lower part of simple maple; varnished (alcohol-, acid- and grease- protected) and featuring the high-quality ZASSENHAUS Ceraplus ceramics grinding gear.


Design: Alexander Ortlieb

Sizes: Hanna - 13 cm; Henriette - 17 cm; Henry - 21 cm in height


Handmade in Black Forest, Germany