Alexander Ortlieb Profile Spice Mills

Alexander Ortlieb Profile Spice Mills / Peppermills

These elegant mills provide enjoyment of a special kind: they are both aesthetic and functional. Their production requires workmanship with ultimate perfection, their profiling impresses by precision, the feeling when holding them in ones hand is indescribable. Using these mills means seasoning more consciously and with pleasure! You will want to go wherever they are used! Hand-made from one piece; varnished (alcohol-, acid- and grease- protected) and featuring the high-quality Zassenhaus Ceraplus ceramics grinding gear. The setting of the degree of grinding is made in the foot of the mills, for maintaining the set grain size during grinding. 

Awarded FORM#2003

Design: Alexander Ortlieb
Height: 31 cm, 42 cm or 46 cm
Material: ashwood / dark smoked oak / cherry / walnut / pear tree / 

light maple

Profiles: carved profile / inner profile / wide inner profile / level / 

level with creasing / carved and brushed profile

Handmade in Black Forest, Germany