Alexander Ortlieb Salina Ceramic Bowl

Bowl for Salt. For anyone wishing to store and offer his salts in the kitchen or at the dining table in an appropriate manner, we have developed our Salinas – wonderfully organic rocking bowls with handy covers made from untreated wood. In these little bowls, every kind of salt will feel really good! And it is a good feeling to celebrate sensitivity again! Each of our Salinas comes with two trial portions of selected salts: Delicious and absolutely untreated sea salt 'Fleur De Sel' as well as unexampled mild and well-tasting Himalayan crystal salt. The bowl is hand-turned, outside featuring fine grooves of sintered and unglazed ceramics. Always with a wooden cover, smoothly ground. 

Design: Alexander Ortlieb
Diameter: 9 cm
Materials: handmade ceramic, walnut wood lid

Handmade in Black Forest, Germany