Alexander Ortlieb Spice_It! Spice mills

Alexander Ortlieb Spice It! Spice Mill

Pepper, salt and spice mills. The ’straight-lined one’ among our mills – robust, handy and somehow charmant; discret on the table with a distinctive understatement. Our four spice-it! mills stand for the four spices where you always want to have access to: the dark walnut mill for pepper, the bright maple mill for sea salt, the fiery-red pear mill for chili; and the delicate cherry tree perhaps for a further kind of pepper or salt. However could we do without them as a duo or quartet up to now? Hand-made, the upper part featuring a fine profiling, the lower part smoothly ground, varnished (alcohol-, acid- and grease- protected) and featuring the high-quality ZASSENHAUS Ceraplus ceramics grinding gear. The setting of the degree of grinding is made in the foot of the mills, for maintaining the set grain size during grinding.

Design: Alexander Ortlieb
Height: 12 cm
Materials: walnut, maple, pear or cherry tree

Handmade in Black Forest, Germany