The material and its relationship with the places where people live are the underlying themes of the MosaicoMicro designs to offer a new balance between man and nature. Discarded glass, crushed and ground into a powder, is blended with water as a bonding agent to become a new material to shape. MosaicoMicro is a brand whose name derives from the intrinsic qualities of the product: mosaic and micro. Prized for its size and prized due to the material making it up: glass.

Glass powder, recycled from reclaimed television screens and computer monitors, is processed and shaped to create a “micro” mosaic. Its small size and light weight ensure the lowest possible CO2 emissions, thereby decreasing the firing time in production and also making it a lighter product to transport. The nature of recycled glass and the production process make every micro-tile unique and exclusive; each tile features a “dynamic” micro-surface: glossy, matt, velvety, polished or patterned.

The unique quality of MosaicoMicro also lies in the colour. Every tile is a shade of the same basic colour family, whether blue or red, grey or black. The same tiles bonded to backing can cover flat or curved surfaces to create a continuous, seamless surface.


Tile: 6x6x3 mm
Sheet: 3OOx3)Ox4 mm

Colour: bianco_perla_antracite / carbone_antracite_cemento / cielo_acqua_bianco / bianco_avorio_champagne / smeraldo_acqua_bianco / bianco_perla_avorio / avorio_ruggine_moro

Made in Italy