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Rakumba is a committed group of thinkers, designers, makers, artisans and engineers devoted to the creation of beautiful decorative lighting.


The phrase ‘Making Beauty’ truly represents why they do what they do. Rakumba team passionate about lighting and about authentic design.

Rakumba’s design team is focused on beauty, detail and going beyond the ordinary. Rakumba Design is present at every stage of making the beautiful decorative lighting we offer. 

Rakumba team all contribute to the design thinking behind their products, ensuring that the collaboration they value reflects individual expertise and experience. They collectively solve problems and manage risk through a design-led approach, which is critical to the advancement and progress in lighting design, manufacturing and technological integration.

They think it’s important for every product to have its own story. Rakumba concentrate on narrative and form, materiality and manufacturing techniques. It’s all part of their ethos of uncompromisingly driving for perfection, achieving complex products that appear effortless.

At Rakumba, design is critical to making beauty.


For fifty years, Rakumba have been making beauty. Rakumba's strength is drawn from the integration of lighting design with the expert knowledge of each stage of producing great lights. They share the mastery of technology and manufacturing willingly in true collaborations. Their attention to detail is well known, they have an ardent desire to refine and perfect.

Rakumba is an integral part of the design community, continually seeking new connections. They are a forum to exchange ideas and expertise for the designers with whom they 

engage and whose projects they champion. 

Typography, the first collaboration between Rakumba and Studio Truly Truly, is inspired by the way characters form words, and how these can be arranged in relationships to create a language of expression. Typography is graphic lighting system, reflective of the multi-disciplinary talent of its designers and the manufacturing and specialist technical abilities of Rakumba. 

Drawing from the artistic and harmonious collection of Typography fittings, the Rakumba Typography Floor Lamp offers an unprecedented opportunity to create endless expressions in a portable luminaire.

The Mito lighting series is designed to celebrate the natural beauty and character of raw materials.


Minimal in design, Mito juxtaposes precision manufacturing techniques with natural hand finished timber and stone to create a truly sculptural luminaire.

Rakumba Standley

With raw finishes, natural stone materials and the creative freedom of custom colours and facades, Rakumba Standley is as diverse as the landscape around it.

Rakumba Saya

Drawing inspiration from minimalist design in Asia, Rakumba Saya is an exercise in form and simplicity.  


Equally at home in stylish hospitality venues, residences and commercial settings, Saya can be used in outdoor and interior applications.

Rakumba Stone Cow Pendant Lamps

Stone Cow is what happens when natural materials and technical skill are blended together.

A masterclass in precision, this pendant is made from hand-stitched leather, brass and hand-thrown clay. The accuracy of the finished piece makes it hard to believe it’s actually made with great care, by hand.

Rakumba Stone Cow Pendant Lamps

Inspired by nature’s branching structures, Ramus allows you to create 3D sculptural forms running up walls and across ceilings or filling voids with unlimited combinations and size.

Ramus is unique.  It’s branching structure comprises nodes with one-way or bi-directional LED lighting that allow the forms to join back on themselves creating engaging sculptural installations.

Rakumba City Lights

City Lights perfectly capture glamour and simplicity by marrying elongated lines with curved edges.

Use as a solo feature, combine clusters, or create a chandelier. Enjoy the linear assurance of uniform height, or mix it up. Exuding utter sophistication, City Lights evoke the multi-faceted style that Melbourne is renowned for.

Rakumba Corella

The abstract bird form of the Corella is one part Australian fauna, two parts Australian culture and a touch of the Millenium Falcon.

Rakumba Pylite

Rakumba designer Dan Treacy seeks to explore the raw geometric intrigue of Pyrite’s crystalline form, with Rakumba Pylite, a module based luminare system that behaves like interlocking crystal prisms.

Rakumba Bailey

The Bailey pendant is a beautiful achievement in traditional artisanal glass blowing techniques paired with minimalist design.

Rakumba Exo

Designed with Rakumba by emerging designers Rowan Turnham and Matthew Harding, Exo – in anodised aluminium – is a dramatic take on skeletal form.

Rakumba Capital Pendant Lighting

The Capital pendant’s highly contemporary nod to Art Deco New York style is unmistakable. Carefully considered fluted brass and solid timber detailing contributes to the visual impact of this pendant which is designed to stand out and be noticed.

Rakumba Highline Pendant Series

Highline in solid brass is understated and elegant.  The combination of satin or antique patina waxed brass, timber and fluted diffuser give an enviable finish.

Rakumba Monroe

Glamour, texture, material and form all shine in Monique and Scott Woodward’s Monroe pendant.

Rakumba XO

Designed by Studio Edwards, the XO pendant pays tribute to the designer’s favourite weekend pastime – sailboat racing.

RakumbaPotter DS

Potter DS includes a linear ceramic pendant and wall light, and has been made using a hybrid of old-school pottery methods with contemporary rapid prototyping techniques and 3D printed tools.

viper ball hero shot deep etched_edited.

Viper is familiar in shape made unique with its finishes and superb detailing.