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A Loft - it has some mystery and charm. A place to dwell.

Architectural style of 20-21th century. Loft is considered to be an upper part of a space originally built for industrial use, factory for example, that was later converted into living space, workshop or event area.

This stream was born in 40s in industrial districts of New York. Another price hike in properties in the center of the city forced the owners of industrial enterprises to leave their premises and bring production to the suburbs. Empty factory buildings met consumer interest from Bohemians, attracted by both the functional characteristics of the premises (high ceilings, good lighting) and low rental rates compared to ordinary apartments.

Having gone from a workshop to a stylish room, lofts were at the height of fashion by the 1950s.

Fashionable artists opened their galleries and studios in lofts. The Andy Warhol factory launched a trend that swept across America, and then Europe. From 1962 to 1968 it was located in Manhattan on the 5th floor of House 231 on 47th Street.

Soon the status of the elite was finally fixed behind the original housing. It was too expensive for young artists to shoot large areas in the historic center of the city, in buildings already close to obtaining the status of a monument of architecture for so many years ago, and successful lawyers and financiers took their place.

Lofts are characterised by wide-open rooms, high ceilings supported by thick columns, heavy-duty wooden floors, beefy walls, and large windows.

But the main advantages are space and a view. A special view of breathing city so close to you and at the same time so far.

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