All of our home décor pieces are handmade and designed to compliment each other. All of our products are designed with versatility in mind, and by creating products with clean, simple lines they can be mixed together to express your own interior style. ZAKKIA'S decorational objects can be grouped together as vignettes inside our trays, and the different sized mugs and bowls can be mixed to add interest to your morning coffee. 

Minimalist hand crafted vessels are the core of each ZAKKIA collection. We love creating versatile pots and vases to suit any purpose or area of your home. We are true believers that pots and vases aren’t only for plants, but that they can be used as bench storage, pen holders, jewellery organisers and more! Our designs are created with durable materials like concrete, brass and handthrown clay for longevity. 

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ZAKKIA is an award winning Australian design studio, founded by designer Sara Lundgren.

Growing up in Sweden Sara was surrounded by design her entire childhood, and since moving to Australia, this passion grew as she was inspired by the natural beauty of her new environment.

ZAKKIA design homewares that celebrate the natural beauty of raw materials and the unique finish of the handmade process. They are passionate about designing products that help you to create a space you love and its aim is to celebrate individual style and innovation in the process. It is all about details that make a difference in a home.

Each design in collection possesses versatile qualities that will carry through time and everyday use. By focusing on quality craftsmanship and the strengths of each material, the outcome is a collection of understated yet inherently unique design pieces for the home.

Products are designed in Australia and made by hand, in collaboration with partners from Vietnam and India. By working closely in partnership ZAKKIA is able to bring out the unique beauty of various techniques and natural materials.

In ZAKKIA everybody love the journey products pass through before becoming a part of the collection, and from the first sketch the knowledge shared back and forth with the makers who always has to teach something new. It's an exciting process of testing new techniques or making something special.

ZAKKIA Classic Collection

The raw ceramic outer of ZAKKIA Classic collection is complimented with a darker glaze inside to create a special tactile quality. The way it feels in your hands will make you slow down and appreciate it's handmade qualities. 

ZAKKIA Speckle collectin

The Speckle collection is handmade by ZAKKIA Vietnamese partners. The speckles are a natural reaction from the heat in the kilning process and it gives every product its own unique pattern. 

ZAKKIA Tab Collection

ZAKKIA Tab collection in white creates a clean outline that is just as beautiful to look at as it is to use.

ZAKKIA Terrazzo Collection

ZAKKIA Terrazzo collection is both statement making and minimalist at the same time.

ZAKKIA Accessories

ZAKKIA accessories for serving & dinning are simplistic and functional, and aims to add a stylish touch to your living space.

ZAKKIA Carved Collection

Made from a lovely natural toned clay, the matte textural quality of this finish comes through on the angled plains of the ZAKKIA Carved series.

ZAKKIA Podium Collection

The architectural shape of ZAKKIA Podium Pots creates a stunning silhouette to highlight your favourite plants.